HPCP Programs

The HIV Prevention and Care Project engages in a variety of community-oriented initiatives designed to improve the lives of people in at-risk communities around the state. Our goal is to reduce stigma, prevent HIV and STI infections, provide help in finding HIV care providers, and serve as a facilitator to other HIV-related organizations and the Department of Health.

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Acceptance Journeys (AJ) is a photo-story project that strives to address LGBT-related stigma. Through stories told by people in Pittsburgh–about their love and support of an LGBT friend or family member.

Capacity building and planning initiatives by the HIV Prevention and Care Project assist the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Division of HIV Disease, and the HIV Planning Group volunteers in creating a unified, strategic fight against HIV in the commonwealth.

Online Outreach conducted by the HIV Prevention and Care provides  important sexual health information to the people who need it most. In venues like Facebook and Grindr, our sexual health educators reach out in areas around the state that are particularly hard hit by HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Project Silk serves gay, bisexual, and nonbinary Black and Latinx young (13 to 29 years of age) men and transgender women through a variety of programs designed to improve participants’ health and well-being.

The Stakeholder Engagement Program facilitates both the Pennsylvania Department of Health Division of HIV Disease, and the HIV Planning Group (HPG) in creating a unified, strategic fight against HIV in the Commonwealth. The process is informed by engaging with stakeholders in the commonwealth, who are personally or professionally involved in the fight against HIV.

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