The HIV Prevention and Care Project facilitates both the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Division of HIV Disease, and the HIV Planning Group (HPG) in creating a unified, strategic fight against HIV in the commonwealth.

The HPG is a group of volunteers who offer a range of HIV-related experience from around the state. Their primary function is to develop the multi-year Comprehensive HIV Care Service Plan. The 5-year Plan provides guidance to the Department of Health, and other organizations in the state, in addressing HIV disease in the state. It covers a range of topics regarding prevention, testing, access to care, quality treatment, and helping people stay in care. You can access a pdf of the 2017-2021 plan here.

In addition, HPG members review the Department of Health’s applications for funding from The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Heath Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). They also provide input and recommendations to the Division of HIV/AIDS on other care and prevention related issues.

You can find HPG schedules and contact information at or our capacity building and planning portal Website:

You can apply to be a member of the HPG at . Applications are open until December 10th, 2021.

Capacity Building

The HIV Prevention and Care Project offers specific capacity-building services and training to HIV prevention and care service providers, including providers housed withing the state’s Department of Health.

HPCP educators provide a wide-range of HIV-related, evidence-based trainings, including: d-up! Defend Yourself, 3MV (Many Men Many Voices),POL (Popular Opinion Leader), and Mpowerment.

For more information about HPCP capacity-building projects and evidence-based intervention training’s, check out You can also contact the program’s coordinator, Deb Dennison, at
man in front of a white board, leading a discussion group regarding HIV